Shaunna Howell


Comment by: Tim Gannon
This journey through your website was a delight. The detail and creativity you put in to portraying such difficult subject matter is impressive. Thanks for sharing your creations with us!

Comment by: David Johnson
Shaunna, Incredible paintings. Your Mom showed me this website. Her and I went to a concert together. I just wanted to say " Hi" and wow... your pretty good with water color. Keep it up! Dave
Comment by: Scott Frank
The attention to detail, ephemeral subject matter and archetypal imagery are precious and masterfully presented.
Comment by: Rachel Cosgrove
Website: N/A
Shaunna, Your website is beautiful. Excellent, design and complimentary to your masterpiece collection of what is commonly known as 'art.' However, I believe you have created something beyond the familiar experience of art. There isn't a word that accurately describes my experience when I'm looking at your work. All I can say is the deepest part of me responds when it acknowledges in imagery profound meaning that came to existences and is created through the deepest part of you.

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